Week 4 Fantasy Trade Value Chart (2024)

This was probably the toughest week I've ever had putting together the trade chart. We've all caught a three-week glimpse of most every player in the league. Some have disappointed, others have flourished. Some positions overperformed, others have underperformed (looking at you, running backs).

I want to stay patient with my teams (not all of my teams are 3-0, or 2-1 ... or even 1-2 ... ). But taking on a fourth loss by the fourth or even the fifth week could mean an early exit on the Fantasy season, and nobody is ready to quit playing Fantasy yet. If you're the dreaded 0-3, it's time to make a move.

Here's your checklist for trade success:

Prepare to play fair. Only in movies and occasionally the league with a noobie are decidedly lopsided trades made. Everyone would love to trade Stevan Ridley for DeSean Jackson, but it just doesn't happen. Make trade offers that are fair. Don't "start out" with a ridiculous offer -- make your first offer your best one. The chart can help you with that.

Find the depth on your roster. Basically find the position you're not weak at. Then find someone in your league who is weak at that position. Find players you like on his roster. Discuss a deal.

Trade away a player coming off a week or two of surprising success. We're all suckers for numbers. Anyone on your roster who has beat expectations for the past game or two should have high value and might bring in a player with a better pedigree but not necessarily the stats to back it up. "Selling high" is a smart way to exceed value in trades.

Examples of trades from actual CBSSports.com leagues:
Darren McFadden for Dez Bryant
DeMarco Murray for Arian Foster
Giovani Bernard and Steve Johnson for Calvin Johnson

Trade for disappointing players. That's right, go after guys who stink! But not just any guys -- just the ones with unmet high expectations. That's because those poor performers still have a chance to rebound and help you out. Remember, everyone has only played three games. There's plenty of time left for adjustments and tweaks to make these guys good.

My short list of players who have disappointed but I'd still trade for: Marques Colston, Pierre Garcon, T.Y. Hilton, Lamar Miller, Stevan Ridley, Steve Smith, C.J. Spiller, David Wilson

The best part of trading for these guys is that their owners want nothing to do with them. They'll give them up for cheap. The people who drafted these underachievers don't even want the headache of making a lineup decision -- they'll gladly ship them off. I believe every single name listed above has a good chance to help Fantasy owners out within the next three or four weeks.

Examples of trades from actual CBSSports.com leagues:
David Wilson and Kenny Stills for Colin Kaepernick
Stevan Ridley for Bilal Powell
Stevan Ridley for Julian Edelman
Lamar Miller and Pierre Thomas for Joique Bell and Kenbrell Thompkins
Lamar Miller for Pierre Garcon
C.J. Spiller and Michael Floyd for Andre Johnson and Chris Ivory
C.J. Spiller and Stevan Ridley for DeAngelo Williams and Steve Johnson

Be willing to part with your studs. Even if you have a first-round pick who has been underperforming (we all know who they are), someone will take them and someone will not ship you junk for them. Players like Trent Richardson and C.J. Spiller were top picks for a reason and the better teams in your league will pay for them with at least two players you can plug into your lineup right away.

Examples of trades from actual CBSSports.com leagues:
C.J. Spiller for Chris Johnson and Le'Veon Bell
Trent Richardson for Wes Welker and DeAngelo Williams
Trent Richardson and Ahmad Bradshaw for Pierre Garcon and DeMarco Murray

Keep an eye on the medical reports. This isn't really trade advice but it is roster advice: A lot of players are sidelined with injuries but expected back later this year. Most of these guys figure to be impact players, people who can help your Fantasy lineup a lot. They can also be intriguing trade pieces before they even suit up. This is an easy way to improve your roster, though there's timing involved. No one will trade anything for a player expected to miss a chunk of time.

Players who are expected back from an injury:
Andre Brown, RB, Giants (expected back Week 10)
Jonathan Stewart, RB, Panthers (expected back Week 7)
Shane Vereen, RB, Patriots (expected back Week 11)
Michael Crabtree, WR, 49ers (expected back Week 12)
Percy Harvin, WR, Seahawks (expected back Week 13)

Steven Jackson also qualifies to be on this list (should be back by Week 7) but you can still pull off something good in trade for him.

Our Trade Value Chart is designed to assist you in making fair trades in your standard-scoring or PPR league. The values assigned to the players below are a long-term measurement of their Fantasy value. By adding two players' values you could determine what one player you might be able to get in return. This list should also work as a "Rest of Season" Rankings.

Player Stnd PPR Player Stnd PPR Player Stnd PPR
Adrian Peterson 35 36 Colin Kaepernick 18 18 Bernard Pierce 10 10
Jamaal Charles 34 36 Marques Colston 17 19 Julian Edelman 9 12
LeSean McCoy 34 35 Giovani Bernard 17 19 Brian Hartline 9 12
Matt Forte 32 35 Rob Gronkowski 16 19 Miles Austin 9 11
Marshawn Lynch 32 33 Eddie Lacy 16 16 DeAndre Hopkins 9 11
Alfred Morris 31 31 Hakeem Nicks 15 17 Tavon Austin 9 11
Calvin Johnson 30 35 Jordan Cameron 15 17 Chris Givens 9 11
A.J. Green 29 33 Julius Thomas 15 17 Greg Olsen 9 10
Dez Bryant 29 33 Mike Wallace 15 16 Eli Manning 9 9
Doug Martin 29 32 Steven Jackson 15 15 Justin Blackmon 8 10
Brandon Marshall 28 33 Darren Sproles 14 17 Marlon Brown 8 9
Julio Jones 28 32 Eric Decker 14 16 Kenbrell Thompkins 8 9
Arian Foster 27 30 Josh Gordon 14 16 Ben Tate 8 9
Peyton Manning 27 27 Maurice Jones-Drew 14 15 Fred Jackson 8 9
Larry Fitzgerald 26 31 Frank Gore 14 14 Ahmad Bradshaw 8 8
Randall Cobb 26 31 Danny Amendola 13 17 Anquan Boldin 7 9
Demaryius Thomas 26 29 Jason Witten 13 17 Joique Bell 7 9
Ray Rice 26 29 Vernon Davis 13 16 Michael Floyd 7 8
DeSean Jackson 26 28 T.Y. Hilton 13 15 Mike Williams 7 8
Aaron Rodgers 26 26 Jermichael Finley 13 14 Denarius Moore 7 8
Drew Brees 26 26 Knowshon Moreno 13 14 Brandon Myers 7 8
Trent Richardson 24 25 Stevan Ridley 13 13 Jay Cutler 7 7
Chris Johnson 24 24 Lamar Miller 13 13 Eddie Royal 6 8
Wes Welker 23 28 Rashard Mendenhall 13 13 Rod Streater 6 8
Jimmy Graham 23 28 Steve Johnson 12 15 Emmanuel Sanders 6 8
Reggie Bush 23 27 Antonio Brown 12 15 Charles Clay 6 7
Matthew Stafford 23 23 Cecil Shorts 12 15 Owen Daniels 6 7
Jordy Nelson 22 24 Roddy White 12 15 Coby Fleener 6 7
DeMarco Murray 22 23 Le'Veon Bell 12 12 Ronnie Hillman 6 6
C.J. Spiller 22 23 Dwayne Bowe 11 13 Sam Bradford 6 6
Matt Ryan 22 22 James Jones 11 13 Terrelle Pryor 6 6
Tony Romo 22 22 Martellus Bennett 11 13 Andy Dalton 6 6
Tom Brady 22 22 Torrey Smith 11 12 Philip Rivers 6 6
Andre Johnson 21 24 Antonio Gates 11 12 Danny Woodhead 5 8
Pierre Garcon 21 24 Ryan Mathews 11 11 Donnie Avery 5 6
Victor Cruz 20 23 David Wilson 11 11 Bryce Brown 5 5
Andrew Luck 20 20 DeAngelo Williams 11 11 Jacquizz Rodgers 5 5
Vincent Jackson 19 21 Russell Wilson 11 11 Jason Snelling 5 5
Reggie Wayne 18 20 Tony Gonzalez 10 13 Pierre Thomas 5 5
Darren McFadden 18 19 Steve Smith 10 12 Matt Schaub 5 5
Robert Griffin III 18 18 Daryl Richardson 10 12 Ben Roethlisberger 5 5
Michael Vick 18 18 Jared Cook 10 11 Seahawks DST 5 5
Cam Newton 18 18 Bilal Powell 10 11 Chiefs DST 5 5

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Week 4 Fantasy Trade Value Chart (2024)


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