Privacy Fence Ideas: Hide Your Garden From The Outside World (2024)

There are lots of reasons why you might be searching for privacy fence ideas. Perhaps your garden is very overlooked from neighbouring houses, or maybe it backs on to a footpath or pavement. Maybe your garden runs alongside that of your neighbours and your existing boundary is a little on the low side, making it difficult to dodge a conversation when you're just not in the mood.

Privacy fences can also be used as a garden fencing idea to define certain areas of the garden, such as around an alfresco dining spot, swimming pool or hot tub, where the need for a sense of complete seclusion is paramount.

Our collection of ideas brings together some of the best and most beautiful methods of shielding your garden from view.

Privacy Fence Ideas: What Are They?

Before getting stuck in to gathering new ideas, you may well be wondering exactly what a privacy fence is.

Like all fence types, privacy fences offer a way to create a boundary around your property or can act as a means of sectioning off different zones within your garden. However, they are most often used to add greater visual seclusion through their construction and height.

In general a privacy fence needs to be at least four to six feet high and, if it is at the lower end of this, be topped with trellis or similar.

This type of fence or screen should be of dense enough construction that prying eyes can't find a way through, whether that means they are made of a solid material, such as timber or a composite, or are thickly planted with foliage.

Here, we cover all kinds of privacy fence so whether you only have a small patio area that needs shielding or want your entire garden to be nosy neighbour-proof, we have you, quite literally, covered.

1. Protect an Urban Garden With Venetian Fencing

Privacy Fence Ideas: Hide Your Garden From The Outside World (1)

Venetian fence panels are made up of very minimalist planed slats. They come in a range of sizes and are perfectly suited to contemporary, urban spaces where their unfussy looks fit in beautifully.

If you have existing hedges or walls that are a little on the low side, shorter Venetian fence panels can be used on top to add height and privacy; a great garden screening idea.

The Venetian fencing here is a hit and miss style from Jacksons Fencing — perfect for creating privacy as slats are fitted alternately to the front and back.

2. Use Natural Screening Against a Hedge

Privacy Fence Ideas: Hide Your Garden From The Outside World (2)

In order to create a tidy finish or to improve upon the privacy offered by a hedge alone, install a natural screen made from willow or hazel. The softer lines of this kind of fencing won't jar with your planting scheme yet will prevent prying eyes.

Screens such as this Wicker Screen from B&Q, are simple to fit and are usually sold in rolls —they are also surprisingly robust in strong winds. What's more, this cost-effective idea is comparatively cheaper than the cost to install a fence.

3. Keep Things Fresh With a Painted Fence

A good solid fence need not feeling overwhelming or like a looming presence in your garden. Painting a fence a fresh colour, such as white or grey, can add an airy, coastal or New England feel to any garden.

You could also consider painting your fence a bold, bright shade in order to turn it into a feature or to pick out colours of flowers or plants used in your borders.

4. Create a Cosy Corner To Relax In

Privacy Fence Ideas: Hide Your Garden From The Outside World (4)

Privacy fence ideas really come into their own when it comes to creating spaces that feel completely tucked away and intimate. A fence type such as hit and miss or double slatted is the perfect choice for those after something with no gaps between boards at all.

Using this kind of fencing in the corners of a patio or decking will mean you have somewhere secluded to retreat to at any time of day —ensure you think through your patio cover ideas too so that you can enjoy the space no matter what the weather.

5. Don't Sacrifice Views For Privacy

Privacy Fence Ideas: Hide Your Garden From The Outside World (5)

If you are lucky enough to have a house that enjoys some fantastic views, don't going spoiling that by fitting fences that block them out —there are ways to create privacy without giving up your outlook.

Think about the rooms that are likely to benefit the most from the views —in this beautiful example, the site slopes away so an upside layout works well. While the garden is kept private thanks to panel fencing that follows the slope, the main living spaces can still enjoy the views from huge glazed doors and the large balcony.

6. Position Outdoor Seating Wisely

Privacy Fence Ideas: Hide Your Garden From The Outside World (6)

If you live in a property with a garden that is overlooked by other houses, prioritise marking out a spot to sit and enjoy the garden away from the view of your neighbours.

While you might not be able to shield your entire garden from view, you will usually be able to create a secret seating spot by positioning your outdoor seating right at the base of a solid fence adjoining an adjacent garden, as can be seen here.

7. Get Instant Cover By Faking It

Privacy Fence Ideas: Hide Your Garden From The Outside World (7)

Perhaps you prefer the idea of a hedge to a garden fence but really don't have the patience to wait for one to grow to a height that affords the privacy you require. In this case, artificial screens are invaluable, adding a lush, green feel in an instant.

The Apollo Maple Leaf Contemporary Overlap Trellis panel from B&Q is both quick to install and ideal for anyone after low maintenance garden ideas.

8. Bulk Up a Bare Hedge With Willow Screens

Privacy Fence Ideas: Hide Your Garden From The Outside World (8)

Hedges are undoubtedly a beautiful addition to most styles of garden, but, over time, they can get a little 'leggy' at the base, leaving your garden feeling a bit exposed. This is where natural screening comes in handy, masking the bare, twiggy sections of the hedge without completely taking over.

9. Use Tall Slatted Fences in Contemporary Spaces

Privacy Fence Ideas: Hide Your Garden From The Outside World (9)

Slatted fences –both single and double –really suit contemporary gardens, with their unfussy lines and ability to blend in with pretty much any feature or furniture design. Being minimalist means that you can go really high with them too as they won't overwhelm the space visually.

10. Combine a Living Wall With Fencing

Privacy Fence Ideas: Hide Your Garden From The Outside World (10)

There is nothing in the garden rule book to say that you have to stick to the same boundary type for all your perimeters —very often it is a far better idea to change it up to provide interest. This works well as a small garden design idea – where it helps to deflect the eye away from the size of the space –as well as in larger gardens where it can break up large expanses of the same fence.

Here, a living wall has been positioned opposite a contemporary slatted fence to provide a lush backdrop for the outdoor dining spot.

11. Screen Off a Dining Spot With a Single Panel

Privacy Fence Ideas: Hide Your Garden From The Outside World (11)

Dining areas, both inside and out, should feel like intimate spaces. On large open patios it can be hard to provide this atmosphere so it is a good idea to make your alfresco eating areas into smaller zones that feel tucked away from the rest of the garden — and certainly from the view of any nearby houses.

One brilliant way of doing this is to erect one or two fence panels to one or both sides of your outdoor dining furniture —creating your very own version of a dining booth.

12. Brighten Up a Large Fence With Plants

Privacy Fence Ideas: Hide Your Garden From The Outside World (12)

If you have a paved garden, prefer low maintenance pots over flowerbeds that need weeding or are in a rented property, containers and plant pots make perfect sense —plus, when grouped together, can add interest to or mask an expanse of privacy fencing, softening the whole look instantly.

13. Add Interest With Hanging Plants

Privacy Fence Ideas: Hide Your Garden From The Outside World (13)

Fitting privacy fencing need not mean forgoing garden plants or indulging your love of botany. The right choice of fencing can actually provide the perfect spot on which to hang a range of planters, troughs and pots in which to plant up trailing plants that will add a big hit of greenery to the space.

14. Form An Outdoor Kitchen With Contemporary Fencing

Privacy Fence Ideas: Hide Your Garden From The Outside World (14)

If you are searching for outdoor kitchen ideas, don't forget to factor in the need for the space to be a private area, where friends and family can come together to enjoy cooking and eating.

Choose a high fence to define one corner of your garden as your kitchen area but avoid it from looking too monotonous by combining several fence styles, such as here, where solid slatted fencing has been topped with a more open design.

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Based on the search results provided by, here is some information related to the concepts used in the article:

Privacy Fence Ideas

A privacy fence is a type of fence that is used to create a boundary around a property or to section off different zones within a garden. Its main purpose is to provide visual seclusion and prevent prying eyes from seeing into the protected area. Privacy fences are typically at least four to six feet high, and they can be made of various materials such as timber, composite, or dense foliage [[1]].

Venetian Fencing

Venetian fence panels are made up of minimalist planed slats and are well-suited for contemporary, urban spaces. They can be used to add height and privacy to existing hedges or walls. Venetian fencing is constructed with slats fitted alternately to the front and back, creating a hit and miss style that offers privacy [[1]].

Natural Screening

To enhance privacy provided by a hedge or to create a tidy finish, natural screens made from materials like willow or hazel can be installed. These screens have softer lines that blend well with the surrounding plants and prevent prying eyes from seeing through. They are simple to fit and can withstand strong winds [[1]].

Painted Fence

A painted fence can add a fresh and airy feel to a garden. By choosing colors like white or grey, a fence can create a coastal or New England vibe. Alternatively, a bold and bright shade can turn the fence into a feature or complement the colors of flowers and plants in the garden borders [[1]].

Creating Cozy Corners

Privacy fence ideas can be used to create secluded and intimate spaces in a garden. Fences with no gaps between boards, such as hit and miss or double slatted fences, are ideal for this purpose. These fences can be used in the corners of a patio or decking to provide a secluded area for relaxation [[1]].

Balancing Privacy and Views

If a house enjoys fantastic views, it is possible to create privacy without blocking them out completely. By using panel fencing that follows the slope of the garden, the main living spaces can still enjoy the views while the garden remains private. This approach is particularly effective when the site slopes away from the house [[1]].

Outdoor Seating Placement

To create a secret seating spot away from the view of neighbors, outdoor seating can be positioned at the base of a solid fence adjoining an adjacent garden. While the entire garden may not be shielded from view, this arrangement provides a secluded area for relaxation [[1]].

Artificial Screens

For those who prefer the look of a hedge but don't want to wait for it to grow, artificial screens can provide instant privacy. These screens add a lush, green feel to the garden and are quick to install. They are a low-maintenance alternative to natural hedges [[1]].

Willow Screens

To mask the bare sections of a hedge and provide additional privacy, willow screens can be used. These screens cover the twiggy areas of the hedge without completely taking over, maintaining the natural beauty of the hedge while enhancing privacy [[1]].

Slatted Fences in Contemporary Spaces

Slatted fences, both single and double, are well-suited for contemporary gardens due to their minimalist design. They blend in with various features and furniture designs and can be built to a significant height without overwhelming the space visually [[1]].

Combining Living Walls and Fencing

To add interest and break up large expanses of the same fence, living walls can be combined with other types of fencing. This approach works well in both small and large gardens, providing a lush backdrop for outdoor dining areas or deflecting attention from the size of the space [[1]].

Creating Dining Zones

To create intimate dining areas, fence panels can be erected on one or both sides of outdoor dining furniture, effectively creating a dining booth. This arrangement separates the dining area from the rest of the garden and provides a tucked-away space for meals [[1]].

Adding Plants to Fences

Privacy fencing can be enhanced by adding plants in containers and plant pots. Grouping these containers together can soften the look of the fence and add interest to the overall garden design. Hanging plants can also be used to add greenery to the space while maintaining privacy [[1]].

Outdoor Kitchen with Contemporary Fencing

When designing an outdoor kitchen, it is important to consider privacy. A high fence can define one corner of the garden as the kitchen area. To avoid a monotonous look, different fence styles can be combined, such as solid slatted fencing topped with a more open design [[1]].

Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with!

Privacy Fence Ideas: Hide Your Garden From The Outside World (2024)


What is the best natural looking privacy fence? ›

Opt for Arborvitae

This fast-growing evergreen shrub can reach astounding heights of up to 40 or 60 feet. The spray branches provide dense coverage for ample privacy and block wind to maximize your comfort while entertaining or eating al fresco.

How can I make an inexpensive privacy fence? ›

If you can find a good source of free pallets, a DIY wood pallet fence can be one of the cheapest options for a privacy fence. Pallets come in a few sizes, but the most common standard dimension is 48 inches by 40 inches, which means it can be on the short side for a fence.

How to get privacy from overlooking neighbours? ›

Although fences and brick walls can do the trick, adding an extra divider, screen or plant barrier can block your neighbor's two-story view for good. To create your secret retreat, freestanding privacy screens, wood slat partitions and partially enclosed pergolas are effective (and nice to look at).

What is the cheapest privacy fence to put up? ›

Chain link fencing is an affordable option that provides security while allowing visibility. It is relatively easy to install and maintain, with a long lifespan that can surpass 20 years. While not the most aesthetically pleasing option, chain link fencing serves its functional purpose at a low cost.

How do I build privacy in my backyard without a fence? ›

5 ways to make your backyard more private without a fence
  1. Create a natural privacy screen.
  2. Go for a vine-covered lattice or trellis.
  3. Choose decorative screen panels.
  4. Frame your perimeter with a hedge.
  5. Screen with trees.
Apr 28, 2023

What plants make the best privacy screens? ›

Evergreen shrubs for privacy
Common nameBotanical nameSun/shade
Hick's YewTaxus x media 'Hicksii'Full to Part Shade
Arborvitae (Emerald)Thuja occidentalis 'Emerald' or 'Smaragd'Full Sun
Prague ViburnumViburnum 'Pragense'Full Sun to Part Shade
Leatherleaf ViburnumViburnum rhytidophyllumFull Sun to Part Shade
13 more rows
Feb 13, 2024

How to create a natural privacy screen? ›

Privacy hedges can be planted in a straight line for a formal look. On the other hand, evergreen trees can also be planted in a staggered double row for a less conventional look! This not only creates privacy faster but also creates a dense screen that has the best sound buffering capability.

Is it cheaper to build a privacy fence or buy panels? ›

In summary: premade fence panels, in most cases, are cheaper and requires less installation time. However, it is best suited for yards without hills or slopes.

What can I use as a privacy fence? ›

Many materials can be used to create privacy fences, though wood is the most common choice. This is due to its ease of installation, maintenance, and repair, as well as its cost and design flexibility, Clough says. Wood is also a more sustainable choice than vinyl, another common option.

How to block out a neighbour? ›

12 ideas and cheap ways to block your neighbour's view for extra privacy
  1. Put up a pergola. ...
  2. Strategically place a tall potting bench. ...
  3. Rely on fences. ...
  4. Invite stylish privacy with a parasol. ...
  5. Grow a privacy hedge. ...
  6. Add an awning for shade and seclusion. ...
  7. Plant trees to obscure the view. ...
  8. Install a summer house.
Jul 22, 2023

How to make a fence private? ›

Layer Greenery

A living fence may be the answer you're looking for to make a secluded area in your yard. This DIY fence idea has you use shrubs and plants that naturally provide privacy. In this area, a white lattice fence is also used to create a layered look.

Can I put a privacy screen on my side of the fence? ›

Privacy screens can be installed directly in front of the existing fence (on your side), totally negating the need to negotiate with your neighbours.

What is the most popular privacy fence? ›

Here are some of the most popular front yard privacy fence styles and designs to help homeowners find the perfect look and feel for their home.
  • Mesh Fence.
  • Galvanized chain link fence.
  • PVC Coated chain link fence.
  • Slatted chain link fence.
  • Wood Fence with Metal posts.
  • Steel Privacy Fence.
  • Privacy Hedge/Living Fence.

What type of privacy fence lasts the longest? ›

What Type of Fence Lasts the Longest? Chain-link fences with a galvanized finish that doesn't rust are the longest lasting fences. All other components of the fence are made of steel and are also galvanized, so there is relatively no maintenance.

What is the best fence for visibility? ›

Wrought Iron and Aluminum Fences. These metal fences are often designed with vertical bars, providing substantial visibility but less privacy.

What is the best natural fence post? ›

Very few tree species make naturally durable fence posts. Osage-orange, mulberry, black locust, cypress, and some species of cedar are known for the good service they give.


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