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August 6, 2021

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DeviantArt Tolerates Cyberbullying, Sexual Abuse, and Underage Predators

Becoming a member of DeviantArt became one of the worst things I've ever done in my life.Let us just say, DeviantArt was FAR different in 2007 than it is todayI could go all day with what is so wrong with the website - shady, uncaring, and abusive staff, toxic prejudicial bullies, some of whom pretend to stand for "justice and equality", parading under it as a shield to subjugate dissenters and the different, stalkers who falsely flag not your deviations or articles, but also spy on your other social media such as your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, DIscord, LinkedIn, and try to shut them all down.Worst of all, these "justice" parasites will even target your own business(s) and their pages to get them shutdown, and sometimes harass anyone they know is working for you or your business. This especially the case with the fetish groups on the site, particularly Girls Wedgies. Apparently one of the moderators, TheFairytaler from the DeviantArt group claimed they had a feud that lead to division between their Discord comrades and the main DA group. Yet, despite this and while it is true that it was mainly from the Discord that they have coordinated attacks against me (and others), some of those same abusers are still in the DA group, and some of them are admins of that same group, indicating that moderator was not telling the entire truth. Apparently there are many lies of omission. The worst part is DeviantArt's own staff are VERY WELL aware of this and deliberately chooses to do nothing, or worse, condone and endorse their behavior.Because of their continuously aggressive actions, I had to create an article defending myself against their extremely defamatory allegations against me just to get them to leave me alone. Members of Girls Wedgies claimed that I was an angry divorced man who abuses his wife, and sought to commit genocide against all women. One of them, Derrick better known as ArseneArts or MundaneArsonist lied that I pressured him to draw art "for a woman I was stalking". In my article, I also disclosed evidence proving the wedgiérs have a very clear history of false-flagging the social media of those they hate in order to silence them or "shut them up". It also revealed that for all the lies they made against me, it turns out THEY themselves are guilty of committing and endorsing sexual crimes, including bypassing laws in their local areas to sexually molest women. However by accident, I managed to unravel that there was an underage activity scandal happening in Girls Wedgies as well, which lead to some kind of civil war between their moderation. Yet despite this, they still engaged in underage art and predatory behavior, including loli content.Considering DeviantArt has a history of and a very strict policy against underage content, with even a questionable policy against age-ramping in deviations, one would think they'd understand my article and actually side with it for the most part, and especially do something about the offenders in question, right? Instead they demonstrated just how little they truly care for human safety, let alone child safety, by silently rummaging through my St.ash. purging any and ALL of my evidence regarding the wedgiérs as well as two separate groups of scammers who have committed fraudulent crimes against me, and then they suspend me for 2 weeks. All without any warning or notice outside of being suspended for "invalid use of profile"! No prior notice or time to backup my evidence from the Stash, or that what I did was even against their rules (which I last I check actually was not initially). When posting my ticket about it, the admins demonstrated just how utterly brain-damaged they are in understanding or listening to my situation. and to worsen things, decided to suddenly update their policy immediately to prohibit users from making articles to defend themselves from defamation under the guise of "internet or journal drama"! They are scummy and pathetic!I tried pursuing litigation to retrieve all of my data back but thus far, the lawyers in the California bar (the state of which DeviantArt resides) are far too busy to ever respond. It would take a full 8 hours waiting for them and still no response!Moral lesson of this story: Avoid that site and the fetish communities like the plague. Trust no one. Even those who claim to be on your side or care on that site are likely just trying to manipulate you and exploit your trust, only to feed information to the VERY SAME criminals behind your back.NO ONE on DeviantArt can be trusted! DeviantArt is certainly not for children. It is not for teenagers. It is not even for adults. It is for no one but sociopathic and narcisistic, asylum-bred manchildren and womanchildren and creeps with a lust for "fresh, new, underage loli meat!"After all, when it gets to a point where fetish 'artists' making drawings of Bart simpson naked getting sexually abused and molested by Edna Krabappel, or drawings of young girls being spanked in a sexualized fashion becoming more common and DeviantArt looks the other way, now you know it's time to report them to the feds and run for the hills.If you value your sanity, reputation, dignity, the protect and preservation of your social media, and/or the sanctity of your business (whatever industry you work in), STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE AT ALL COSTS!

JohnSmith13345 Adult

November 4, 2020

age 18+

Want to see your interests ruined? Go to DeviantArt

It’s a horrible site with depraved “art” featuring rape, bondage, kidnapping, snuff art, and other bad things that are a great way to corrupt and ruin your favorite characters and shows. There’s some good things, but unless you know what you’re looking for, don’t go here.It keeps coming up in Google images with more ruinous images, the the hideous commenters approve these horrible posts even when children are sexualized. This combined with art theft and bullying means that unless you have a link to a specific post you're looking for, stay away.

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deviantART Website Review (2024)


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