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33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (1)

Stacy Fisher

Stacy is an expert writer for The Spruce covering home DIY projects and crafts. She has over 18 years of journalistic experience, appearing as a DIY expert on the Dr. Oz Show and several radio shows. She has published hundreds of articles and co-authored a book.

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Updated on 04/25/23

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33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (2)

These DIY garden ideas will give you some extra gardening space or give you a project that's really going to elevate the one you already have. These are perfect backyard projects, although some would do wonders for curb appeal if you placed them out front.

Some of these projects take minutes while others take more time and may take a weekend. No matter what DIY garden idea you choose to tackle, you're going to give your garden a unique look that you can't buy at the store.

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    Raised Garden Beds

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (3)

    Add to your garden or start a new one with these raised garden beds. Built with beautiful cedar planks, these raised gardens look as good as they work. You'll have them for years and they'll stand up to the elements nicely.

    Raised Garden Beds from The Navage Patch

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    Window Box Planters for a Shed

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (4)

    A window box planter gives you a small space for just one or two items to grow. Here one is built into the window of a shed, creating a little extra space for a garden. This project shows how to build the crate, and then whitewash it to get a rustic look.

    Window Box Planters for a Shed from Funky Junk Interiors

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    Succulent Garden in a Fountain

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (5)

    This succulent garden is in an interesting type of container! Instead of being grown in a pot, these succulents are growing in an outdoor fountain. The layers of succulents spill over onto the next, creating a full, layered look.

    Succulent Garden in a Fountain from A Piece of Rainbow

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    Pallet Garden Walkway

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (6)

    With just two pallets, you can create a walkway that goes right through your garden. You can leave them natural or paint them to get a whole different look. The best part is how easy this is to put together.

    Pallet Garden Walkway from Funky Junk Interiors

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    Greenhouse with Custom Flooring

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (7)

    Having a whole greenhouse for your garden might be the ultimate dream. This project shows you how to take any greenhouse and add a paver floor. The floor is then stenciled, giving it a whimsical feel.

    Greenhouse with Custom Flooring from Delia Creates

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    Solar Fountain

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (8)

    Add a solar fountain water pump to any large vessel along with some water-loving plants. This makes a beautiful living decoration that can be placed anywhere in the garden or yard.

    Solar Fountain from A Piece of Rainbow

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    Small Space Vertical Herb Garden

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (9)

    The smallest of spaces, even vertical ones, can be turned into a garden. This herb garden is contained in a weed barrier that's had pockets sewn in to hold the plants. You can make these any size you want, so it can be perfect for your space.

    Small Space Vertical Herb Garden from A Beautiful Mess

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    Repurposed Patio Chair Garden Planters

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (10)

    Upcycle an old, thrifted patio chair and make it something new again. A few coats of bold-colored spray paint gets the chair ready for its new life as a planter. It looks great sitting among the garden beds.

    Repurposed Patio Chair Garden Planters from Sustain My Craft Habit

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    Cold Frame Garden Beds

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (11)

    Cold-frame garden beds keep your vegetables warm even during the coldest of weather. It's like having a small greenhouse that you place over your plants during the winter months. These have a beautiful black finish, making them almost look like pieces of art.

    Cold Frame Garden Beds from Dans le Lakehouse

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    Trellis Herb Garden

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (12)

    A simple trellis is built with the directions in this project. It's given a simple coat of paint before the buckets are added on with hooks. You can plant whatever you want in these but the size makes it perfect for herbs. It's a small vertical garden that's going to save you precious space.

    Trellis Herb Garden from The Sweetest Occasion

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    Container Gardens

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (13)

    You can grow a garden in just about any container. This guide takes you through the whole process from selecting the flowers to getting the container garden-ready. There are a lot of great tips and hints here to help you build some beautiful container gardens.

    Container Gardens from Skip to my Lou

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    Stenciled Garden Stepping Stones

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (14)

    Pathways within a garden really make it something special. These easy-to-make stepping stones are just pavers that have been stenciled with paint. Choose your own design and colors to match your garden.

    Stenciled Garden Stepping Stones from Design Improvised

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    Cement Garden Beds

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (15)

    Here are some garden beds that are kept low to the ground and are made out of stylish concrete. It's a budget-friendly project that will give you a new way to grow your garden.

    Cement Garden Beds from Delia Creates

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    Rainbow Vertical Garden

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (16)

    Gardens can be quite colorful and there's no reason that your garden decor shouldn't be too. This rainbow vertical garden is painted in bold colors and gives lots of room for new plants.

    Rainbow Vertical Garden from The Paper Mama

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    No Dig Garden

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (17)

    A no-dig garden is a garden where the soil is left as undisturbed as possible. It's supposed to mimic how soil is formed in nature. Here a no-dig garden is placed inside a bathtub sat among the vegetable plants.

    No Dig Garden from Garden Betty

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    Hanging Basket Garden

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (18)

    Another way to take your garden vertical is by using some baskets to create planting space. Here three baskets are used and they're put together with some colorful rope. It's hung on the side of a house but you could really hang it anywhere in your yard or garden.

    Hanging Basket Garden from A Beautiful Mess

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    Wood Obelisk

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (19)

    An obelisk is a type of trellis for climbing vegetables and plants and this one is made from wood. Besides being functional, it looks like a piece of art among your plants. Just one looks special but a pair of them could use to flank the garden entrance.

    Wood Obelisk from Chatfield Court

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    Mason Jar Wall Garden

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (20)

    A chicken wire frame is used to hold up mason jars for this fun garden that can be hung on the wall of a shed or your home. Flowers are grown in these jars but it would make a wonderful herb garden. It's a rustic, farmhouse look that may just look like it fits right in with your porch decor.

    Mason Jar Wall Garden from Taste of the Frontier

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    Kid's Garden

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (21)

    Kids can really connect with gardening and you can foster that interest by building their own gardening space. This mini garden is low to the ground and perfect for a wide variety of vegetables, fruit, and flowers. It has a raised bed for the plants, special pots for herbs, and a lattice so the vegetables can grow vertically.

    Kid's Garden from Addicted 2 DIY

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    Tomato Trellis with Conduit

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (22)

    If you're growing tomatoes in your garden, you can add a trellis that acts as a support for your tomatoes, allowing them to grow vertically. The tomatoes will love all the extra growing room and you'll love that the pests on the ground can't reach your tomatoes. It's made to last season after season, being made of sturdy conduit.

    Tomato Trellis with Conduit from Chatfield Court

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    Pallet Planter Box for Cascading Flowers

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (23)

    This specially built planter encourages flowers to grow in all different directions so they look like they're cascading over each other. This one is made from wooden pallets, and with each year gets more and more stunning. You can keep it natural like shown here or stain it for a more polished look. Pick out flowers that bloom the majority of the summer so you can enjoy them as long as possible.

    Pallet Planter Box for Cascading Flowers from Her Tool Belt

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    Protective Plant Cover

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (24)

    If you have some unwelcome visitors to your garden, you'll want to take every step you can to protect your plants. Aluminum and wood are used together to create this sturdy protective plant cover that can be used year after year. It will give your plants a fighting chance against those critters.

    Protective Plant Cover from Home Made by Carmona

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    Hanging Gutter Planter and Stand

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (25)

    Here a wooden frame is built to hold sections of a gutter. Growing inside those gutters is a cute herb garden. The gutters have been painted which gives them a fun look. Growing plants vertically is a great way to save space, and with this one, you'll do it in style.

    Hanging Gutter Planter and Stand from Her Tool Belt

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    Hose Holder with Pallet Wood Planter

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (26)

    A clever way to hide away your garden hose is with a hose holder. You can make your own with this simple building project. Pallet wood is all cleaned up and used for the structure. The top can be used as a shallow planter and inside is where you can tuck the hose away. There's even a drawer pull added to make getting putting back the hose easier.

    Hose Holder with Pallet Wood Planter from DIY Candy

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    Budget-Friendly Gravel Garden Path

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (27)

    A garden path can be budget-friendly and still look like it really belongs in your garden. Here gravel is used for most of the path with some stones used as edging. The whole process from digging a trench to finishing the path is included in this tutorial.

    Budget-Friendly Gravel Garden Path from Craving Some Creativity

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    Chevron Lattice Trellis

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (28)

    A trellis will help all those vegetable vines grow like peas or cucumbers. This chevron-style one is updated from the classic and especially looks good when used as a pair. Find a place for the trellis inside your garden or sit against a structure for a new area to grow.

    Chevron Lattice Trellis from Remodelaholic

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    Wooden Garden Bench

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (29)

    A garden bench looks great in any garden and gives you a place to sit and really enjoy your space. This beginner woodworking project has you build a bench that looks like something out of a designer magazine. With clean lines and a simple profile, it's going to look wonderful in any garden.

    Wooden Garden Bench from DIY Candy

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    Defining a Garden Bed

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (30)

    Garden beds can be defined in all different ways and this one has a clean crisp edge that really divides the plants from the yard. This could be used in all your flower beds or on the edge of your vegetable garden.

    Defining a Garden Bed from Reality Daydream

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    Mosaic Tile Window Box

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (31)

    This tutorial has you take an existing wooden window box and make it into something special. Mosaic tile is added to give it a clean and modern look. Choose whatever color goes along with your home or garden for the best look.

    Mosaic Tile Window Box from Centsational Style

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    Teapot Garden Decor

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (32)

    If you want something purely decorative for your garden, this piece of decor will fit right in. It's made with an old teapot and some decorative beads. When placed among the vegetables it looks as though it's watering all on its own. Incorporate some lights to make it just as pretty after dark.

    Teapot Garden Decor from The Navage Patch

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    Free-Standing Strawberry Garden

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (33)

    This adorable strawberry garden has two hanging baskets where strawberries are being grown. The sign can be customized to say whatever you like about your sunny strawberry patch. It can be built lower to the ground if you want the kids to help too.

    Free-Standing Strawberry Garden from Reality Daydream

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    Inlay Garden Markers

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (34)

    Garden markers help tell you where you have your produce, herbs, and flowers planted. This is especially handy for vegetables because they can look very similar when they're small. Here the garden markers are carved with an inlay, but you could get a similar look with vinyl and a stencil.

    Inlay Garden Markers from Houseful of Handmade

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    Raised Garden Bed for Vegetables

    33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (35)

    Choose a place in your backyard for a garden or flower bed and then use pavers to create the edging around them. These stones will last longer than wood, especially if you live in a wet area. Stack them up either two or three planters high for the best look.

    Raised Garden Bed for Vegetables from Garden Sanity

17 DIY Landscaping Ideas You Can Get Started on

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

I am an expert and enthusiast, and I can provide information and insights on a wide range of topics, including gardening. I have access to a vast amount of information and can provide answers based on search result snippets. Let's dive into the concepts mentioned in this article.

Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are a popular gardening technique that involves creating elevated planting areas. These beds are typically built with wooden planks or other materials and filled with soil. Raised garden beds offer several advantages, including improved drainage, better soil quality, and easier access for planting, weeding, and harvesting. They can be a great option for growing vegetables, herbs, or flowers. [[1]]

Window Box Planters

Window box planters are small containers that are attached to the exterior of windows, providing a space for growing plants. They can add beauty and color to the exterior of a house or shed. Window box planters can be made from various materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic, and can be customized to match the style of the building. They are often used for growing flowers or small herbs. [[2]]

Succulent Garden in a Fountain

A succulent garden in a fountain is a unique way to display succulent plants. Instead of growing them in traditional pots, succulents are planted in an outdoor fountain. The layered arrangement of succulents creates a visually appealing and lush display. Succulents are known for their ability to store water in their leaves, making them well-suited for this type of garden. [[3]]

Pallet Garden Walkway

A pallet garden walkway is a simple and cost-effective way to create a path through your garden. By repurposing wooden pallets, you can create a rustic and functional walkway. The pallets can be left natural or painted to match your garden's aesthetic. This DIY project is relatively easy to assemble and can add charm to your outdoor space. [[4]]

Greenhouse with Custom Flooring

A greenhouse with custom flooring is a project that involves adding a paver floor to a greenhouse. This not only provides a solid surface for walking but also adds a decorative element to the greenhouse. The floor can be stenciled to create a whimsical or personalized design. Greenhouses provide a controlled environment for growing plants and can extend the growing season. [[5]]

Solar Fountain

A solar fountain is a water feature that operates using solar power. It typically consists of a water pump powered by a solar panel. Solar fountains can be placed anywhere in the garden or yard, adding a beautiful and eco-friendly element to the outdoor space. Water-loving plants can be added to the fountain, enhancing its visual appeal. [[6]]

Small Space Vertical Herb Garden

A small space vertical herb garden is a clever solution for growing herbs in limited spaces. It involves creating a vertical garden using a weed barrier with pockets sewn in to hold the plants. This allows you to maximize vertical space and grow a variety of herbs. The size of the garden can be customized to fit your available space. [[7]]

Repurposed Patio Chair Garden Planters

Repurposing old patio chairs as garden planters is a creative way to add a unique touch to your garden. By upcycling thrifted patio chairs and adding a few coats of spray paint, you can transform them into colorful and eye-catching planters. These repurposed planters can be placed among garden beds, adding a pop of color and whimsy to the space. [[8]]

Cold Frame Garden Beds

Cold frame garden beds are structures that provide protection for plants during colder months. They are typically low to the ground and made of materials like wood or metal. Cold frames act as mini greenhouses, trapping heat and protecting plants from frost and harsh weather conditions. They can extend the growing season and allow for the cultivation of cold-tolerant vegetables and herbs. [[9]]

Trellis Herb Garden

A trellis herb garden is a vertical garden that utilizes a trellis structure for growing herbs. The trellis is built using simple materials and can be painted to match your garden's style. Buckets or containers are attached to the trellis using hooks, providing space for planting herbs. This compact and space-saving garden is ideal for growing herbs in small areas. [[10]]

Container Gardens

Container gardens are a versatile and flexible way to grow plants in various containers. This gardening technique allows you to grow plants in pots, planters, or other containers, regardless of the available space. Container gardens are popular for growing flowers, herbs, and even vegetables. They offer the advantage of portability, allowing you to move the plants as needed for sunlight or aesthetic purposes. [[11]]

Stenciled Garden Stepping Stones

Stenciled garden stepping stones are a creative way to add decorative elements to your garden pathways. These stepping stones are made by stenciling designs onto plain pavers using paint. The designs can be customized to match your garden's theme or personal style. Stenciled garden stepping stones can enhance the visual appeal of your garden and create a unique pathway. [[12]]

Cement Garden Beds

Cement garden beds are low-to-the-ground garden beds made from stylish concrete. They provide a budget-friendly option for growing plants and can add a modern touch to your garden. Cement garden beds are durable and can withstand various weather conditions. They can be used to grow a variety of plants, including flowers, vegetables, or herbs. [[13]]

Rainbow Vertical Garden

A rainbow vertical garden is a vibrant and colorful way to display plants in your garden. This type of garden is painted in bold colors, creating a visually striking display. The vertical arrangement of plants provides ample space for growing a variety of plants. A rainbow vertical garden can add a cheerful and playful element to your outdoor space. [[14]]

No Dig Garden

A no-dig garden is a gardening technique that aims to mimic natural soil formation. In a no-dig garden, the soil is left undisturbed as much as possible. This method involves layering organic materials, such as compost, straw, and leaves, on top of the existing soil. The layers gradually break down, enriching the soil and creating a fertile environment for plants. No-dig gardens can be particularly beneficial for vegetable gardening. [[15]]

Hanging Basket Garden

A hanging basket garden is a vertical gardening technique that utilizes baskets to create planting space. This method is ideal for small spaces and can be hung on the side of a house, fence, or other structures. By using colorful rope or chains, you can create an attractive display of hanging baskets filled with flowers or trailing plants. Hanging basket gardens can add visual interest to your yard or garden. [[16]]

These are just a few of the DIY garden ideas mentioned in the article. If you have any specific questions or need more information on a particular concept, feel free to ask!

33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard (2024)


How do you make a lush backyard? ›

A lush garden consists of green spaces, not just flowering plants. Add texture to the space by growing ground covers and leafy evergreens alongside perennials and annuals. You want a space to teem with life and avoid blank spots. Plants must be grown closer together to achieve a lush look.

Can you turn your entire yard into a garden? ›

If you're turning your entire lawn into a garden, you might want to smother, solarize, sheet mulch, or use power tools to get rid of the grass. If you're doing just a section of your yard or building a few garden beds, you can quickly and easily remove grass by hand with a hoe or sharp spade.

What is the best layout for a vegetable garden? ›

As a general rule, put tall veggies toward the back of the bed, mid-sized ones in the middle, and smaller plants in the front or as a border. Consider adding pollinator plants to attract beneficial insects that can not only help you get a better harvest, but will also prey on garden pests.

What is a DIY fairy garden? ›

Essentially, fairy gardens—also called enchanted gardens—are minuscule plots that include live plants, flowers, mushrooms, tiny statues, darling trinkets, and other mini accessories such as furniture, fountains, or swings. They're constructed indoors or out, and you don't need to spend a lot of money to create one.

How do you make a garden sanctuary? ›

Think in terms of creating a sense of enclosure and safety, experts say. A trellis covered in lush, leafy vines can evoke our primordial sense of security and protection, while a garden "room" featuring a bench or chair surrounded by lush plantings makes a perfect meditation space free from prying eyes.

What are the elements of a secret garden? ›

Secret gardens are small gardens with a quiet place for contemplation. They can include shade, water features, benches, a variety of colors and textures, and perhaps an element of surprise.

What makes a secret garden secret? ›

A secluded spot

Generally, loose, naturalistic plantings add to a feeling of secrecy. Native shrubs and small trees work well in this situation. A more formal secret garden can work as well. Think of a wall or fence covered with climbing roses or vines.

How do I turn my backyard into a natural habitat? ›

Go Native. You will need to do some research on native trees, plants, and flowers that occur naturally in the wild where you live. Native flora provides food and shelter for wildlife and is better suited to the climate and soil. When planting, the key is to create multilayer trees and shrubs in proximity to one another ...


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