15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (2024)

Who doesn’t love sitting around a campfire on a warm summer evening? Companionship, conversation, the mesmerizing dance of the flames… it’s wonderful! If you are thinking about adding a fire pit to your backyard, but aren’t sure on the design yet, here are 15greatbackyard fire pit ideas thatwill give you a place to start yourplanning.

15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (1)1. Circular Fire Pit Patio

This is a perfect entertaining spot, don’t you think? I love the raised fire pit, the patio stones to keep it nice and neat beneath your feet. The patio lighting is so pretty above it… and who doesn’t love a hammock nearby making it feel like a holiday destination?!

Get the info on how they made this one at Brooklyn Limestone

15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (2)2. Easy and CheapDIY Fire Pit

Here’s one of the easiest DIY fire pits you can make – all you need are some simple stones to stack around a dug out base, and some arm strength & precision to get it done.

See step by step how to build it at The Garden Glove

15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (3)3. Gravel and River Rock Backyard Fire Pit

Over at the Creativity Exchange, you can see more about this idea here; using river rock to line the fire pit, and gravel to designate a fire pit idea. Adirondack chairs add that finishing touch of relaxation and luxury don’t they? Loving this look!

15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (4)4. Porch Swing Fire Pit (Or Switch For Hammocks?)

Swing fire pit ideas are pretty cool. Imagine all of the relaxing evenings you’d enjoy swinging on these benches by a fire pit like this one! I’m sure it would be a huge attraction to your friends and family members – it’d get a ton of use at MY house, I know! Check out the instructions to build it at Instructables.

15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (5)5. Corner Round Backyard Fire Pit Idea

Here’s an idea for how you can turn a corner of a smaller yard into a perfect fire pit area using paver stones and pea stone. A fire dish lets you have a less permanent (or portable) feature if that interests you! Switch up the chairs with a wood picnic table and you have a fun multipurpose area to dine and relax!

See how they made this patio fire pit area at Recaptured Charm

15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (6)6. Backyard Fire Pit With Bench Wood Storage

I love this fire pit that hasstorage for firewood in under the built-in bench! It’sboth attractive and practical! The stone fire pit area will also be a nice spot for some chairs if you prefer them. See the step by step instructions at The Instructables

15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (7)7. Square Fire Pit With Removable Grill

If you love to cook over a wood fire, or think you might, this idea might be perfect for you! Adding a removable grill lets you have the best of both worlds…a great backyard fire pit, and a spot to cook up some fabulous smoke-infused food! Check out detailsfor this DIY pit at Red Head Can Decorate

15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (8)8. Fire Bowl With LED Lighting

If you live in an area where there are often fire bans due to droughts, or if it’s simply too hot for a fire, why not go the LED lighting route? Looks fantastic, doesn’t it? No fire – still has creates the ambiance of a backyard fire pit! Source

15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (9)9. Wash-Can “Part Modern, Part Redneck” Fire Pit

If you like the idea of repurposing something interesting into a unique fire pit that’s sure to be a conversation piece in your backyard, why not transform the inside of an old washing machine into a “part modern, part red-neck” backyard fire pit? Full DIY tutorialat House & Fig

15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (10)10. Eco Fuel BackyardFire Pit

Like the whole backyard fire pit idea but aren’t too interested in the whole having to cut and store fire wood idea?? Why not look into building an eco-fuel fire pit? I like how the flames can be controlled and no wood sparks shoot up – it makes it safe to set up on a porch near an inflatable hot tub.

There are all sorts of styles and designs you can use for the pit, but the fuel part is what you might find really interesting… check it out HERE

15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (11)11. Cheap, DIY Fire Pit In A Can (A Redneck Fire Pit?)

Aren’t these great? Cheap, efficient, and creative uses for some metal tubes you may have in your storage shed already! One commenter wrote in to drill a hole in the base to let out water if you live in a rainy area… love the whole idea! Source

15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (12)12. Cement Fire Pit For The Backyard

Looking for something permanent? Why not mix up a slurry of concrete, get some stones and DIY a cement backyard fire pit! Check out the instructions with pictures on how they made this beautyat The Crafty Ninja

15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (13)13. Concrete Fire Pit Bowl

Concrete fire pit bowls are pretty popular these days – especially ones that run off of easy and clean gel fuel like this one here! You can make them whatever size you want; from large, stay-on-the-ground size to small, table-top units! Check out the full tutorial at Hunker.com

14. River Rock Stone Fire Pit15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (14)

Looking to create a unique fire pit? Thisvertical stone layout makes itone of the backyard fire pit ideas that you’ll find is an sureattention grabber!Can’t you just picture your free standing hammock beside this pit? Ahh… relaxation at it’s finest. Source

15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (15)15. Welded Metal UprightFire Pit

How’s this for a fabulous backyard fire pit idea? This would be a great gathering place for any social event – it’s attractive and functional – nice and warm like one of the best patio heaters! Probably not the easiest to make unless you have some welding gear available, but if you do, check out this firespire fire pit.

Want To See More Backyard Fire Pit Ideas?

Check out this video compilation for 50 more ideas.

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15 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas (2024)


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