10 Coolest Minecraft House Ideas To Build In 2024 (2024)


  • The upcoming Minecraft update offers endless building opportunities for players to create modern or vintage houses based on community inspiration.
  • From Marvel's New York City to Legend of Zelda's Sky Island, Minecraft builders showcase impressive reimaginings of iconic locations in detailed builds.
  • Intricate structures like Gotham City skyscrapers and faithful ship replicas are all possible to build in Minecraft.

The Minecraft 1.21 Tricky Trials update is rolling out in the near future, acting as an opportunity to embrace the inner builder and create something marvelous and topical. With the content update on the horizon, people are revisiting the most recognizable sandbox for its 15-year anniversary. Other user's buildings and houses are incredible sources of inspiration and can equip the player with a starting point for a 2024 house design. Houses can range from city residences embracing modernity, to more old-fashioned builds residing on mountain bridges.

Minecraft is well known for essentially being limitless. The community has witnessed one-of-a-kind creations since the game's initial release, getting more impressive year by year. In the recent past, the community has been busy fully utilizing new features and blocks to create epic Minecraft builds that you need to be brave for, such as an apocalyptic Fallout vault and a Gotham City recreation that's still in progress to this day. No matter how big or small an ambition for a house might be, inspiration is always the key to a successful build.


How To Get The Ominous Trial Key In Minecraft

Players must first activate and complete the Ominous Trial Chamber to get the Ominous Trial Key in Minecraft, granting access to the Ominous Vault.

10 The "Going Merry" From One Piece

By TSMC, On YouTube

10 Coolest Minecraft House Ideas To Build In 2024 (2)

A YouTube channel by the name of TSMC created a faithful recreation of the Straw Hat pirates' first signature ship in One Piece, the Going Merry. The build is proportionally accurate while being scaled down to a manageable size to still be a challenge for Minecraft survival mode. It features the iconic Merry figurehead, in addition to the famous Straw Hat pirate flag that's on full display.

The blocks used are relatively simple and blend well together, making for a robust and rustic block palette. In conjunction with the geometrically pleasing shape of the ship, the creation exists as a detailed structure that's a great addition to any world. This house in the deep blue can be used in a variety of locations if imagination and creativity is applied, so it's worth looking into TSMC's creation.

9 Assassin's Creed Inspired Town

By Miserere, On Planet Minecraft

The Minecraft Assassin's Creed: Nashik parkour map by Miserere on Planet Minecraft showcases how simplicity and scale can define a project. While the colors used aren't distinct enough to be the focus, the building's shape and placement creates an atmosphere that's complemented by the lighting. Even though the buildings are made with roughly similar shapes, smaller building elements are necessary in a project of this scale.

For a house design that could be implemented into a future build project, artificial external caverns could be used that allow a change of pace and visual refresh. Having smaller accents and unique shapes with slabs and stairs can help complete the vision, particularly when the focus is shifted to a single house. A common trick in building is to place anvils in Minecraft's invisible item frames to act as a bracket for a torch.

8 Batman's Gotham City

By Bored Minecraft, On YouTube10 Coolest Minecraft House Ideas To Build In 2024 (3)

A modern city like Gotham is the perfect source of inspiration for constructing a high-rise house in a Minecraft world. A YouTuber by the name of Bored Minecraft started an entire channel dedicated to recreating the fictional city from the DC Universe back in 2022. The impressively accurate reconstruction includes identifiable locations in Gotham City, such as Wayne Manor, Gotham Merchant's Bank, Park Row, and the Gotham City Police Department.

It can be difficult to implement a house idea in certain locations. Consider the terrain and biome carefully when deciding on a build you want to recreate. Each biome has a distinct block palette that can be found by looking at the colors most common in a biome or location.

Every piece of the jigsaw has an important part to play in this masterfully crafted Minecraft replica, and the result of the project in its current state is nothing short of amazing. Fans of DC or Batman could definitely take some notes from Bored Minecraft to create a giant skyscraper or a building from the famous fictional location!

7 Industrial Undercity

By Fireafinity On Reddit

10 Coolest Minecraft House Ideas To Build In 2024 (4)

The rotten underbelly of Piltover served as inspiration for this build by u/Fireafinity on Reddit. From the dimly lit dilapidated houses, to the toxic sludge oozing through the streets, the atmosphere of Zaun could be perfectly captured in future houses built in any Minecraft world. The project showcases houses that work in isolation, in addition to showcasing a collection of structures highlighting how well they mesh together.

The colors are distinct and compete with each other for attention from the player, while also being loosely guided by the gray brick that surrounds and encapsulates the city. It exhibits the essence of Arcane perfectly and can add a touch of gloom and darkness. Judging by the comments and reactions to the Reddit post, it has been a source of inspiration for many builders, especially with Arcane season 2 releasing this year.

6 Marvel Spider-Man New York City

by Stridy on Planet Minecraft

While the Gotham City build can inspire DC fans, there's still an opportunity for Marvel enthusiasts to get creative. New York City is home to many iconic Marvel street heroes, and there's a faithful Minecraft re-imagination, based on the iconic city itself. Stridey's New York City shared on Planet Minecraft implements the rush hour concrete jungle into a Minecraft map designed for a superhero mod.

Shining much brighter in the day than Gotham, New York City has buildings of different shapes and sizes to pick from when it comes to picking out a house or theme. They each serve a purpose and stand out uniquely, contributing to the piece at large. Each area features plenty of viewpoints to gaze upon the modern wonders the city has to offer - location and surroundings are important to consider when constructing a house.

5 Great Sky Island From Tears Of The Kingdom

By Grazzy On YouTube

10 Coolest Minecraft House Ideas To Build In 2024 (5)

Seasoned Minecraft builder, Grazzy, uploaded a video to his channel where he recreated the famous Great Sky Island from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. With the builder being a big Legend of Zelda fan, he perfectly captured the colors and details of the critically acclaimed addition to the game franchise. The build guides the users' attention entirely to the clouds, a relatively uncommon theme in builds.

Instead of creating the same standard cottage on a meadow hill down below, soar to the skies and create a build with the architecture and magnificence found in Tears of the Kingdom. The project makes extensive use of uncommon block palettes for grassy clearings and cliffs to provide the overall contents with more substance, giving areas such as the industrial rooms and smaller nearby islands more creative flair and pop.

4 Bridge City Is An Impressive Structure

By Linard On YouTube

10 Coolest Minecraft House Ideas To Build In 2024 (6)

All Minecraft players can say that they've built their house near a bridge in the past, but few, like Linard on YouTube can say that they've built their house in a bridge city. Not only do the foundations of the bridge itself serve as a very impressive structure, but each house built on the bridge is packed to the brim with detail. Each building features unique and vibrant colors that appear out of place without context, but work together beautifully to create a gorgeous tundra settlement.

The bridge and even its tallest structures are overlooked by the snow-coated mountains just behind them, highlighting the depth and allowing the build to slot nicely between the cliffs. This arrangement of houses pushes Minecraft build ideas for inspiration into new fields while reverting to traditional biome-based building strategies that provide the bridge with all the setup it needs.

3 Mondstadt from Genshin Impact

By SkyblockSquad On Planet Minecraft

10 Coolest Minecraft House Ideas To Build In 2024 (7)

With Genshin Impact receiving Genshin Impact 4.7, and more set to come in the future, it's appropriate to consider taking on a Genshin Impact inspired house in Minecraft. This Planet Minecraft post by SkyblockSquad features an entire 1:1 reconstruction of the City of Mondstadt from Genshin Impact, and it's possible to use some of the techniques showcased in a house design. From royal halls to windmills and statues.

Where this creation differs from the others in the list is the inclusion of the towering walls surrounding the settlement. This almost provides the build with its own world and universe, making the build applicable in almost any biome in Minecraft and a perfect start for any house. This can serve as inspiration for a larger build, potentially by mixing it with elements of other creations to make something unique.

2 Fallout Vault Is An Iconic Crossover

By MJ On YouTube

10 Coolest Minecraft House Ideas To Build In 2024 (8)

The Fallout theme has been trending recently, with users creating Fallout-themed structures in Minecraft, such as by MJ on YouTube. The largely lateral build incorporates a well-designed vault and vault interior in addition to the iconic door to the facility, all contained within and surrounded by Fallout's nuclear apocalypse. The use of coarse dirt, soul soil, cobblestone, concrete, and gravel adds a lot of welcome detail to the eroding paths and roads that connect areas, with more established neon colors like yellow and green being used to signpost the vault itself.

The vault serves as a shining example of how colors can be used to direct attention to the areas that really matter. As a house design to learn from, there's all the space that's needed to present a detailed, abstract model that's certainly one of a kind.

1 Cyberpunk Project Is A Minecraft Dystopia

By Elysium Fire On YouTube

10 Coolest Minecraft House Ideas To Build In 2024 (9)

Futuristic houses can be tricky to pull off in Minecraft, since the in-game world is very lush and mountainous. As Elysium Fire has proven, it's within the realm of possibilities. The Cyberpunk Project in Minecraft was started 4 years ago, and since Phantom Liberty is electrifying and emotional, it's definitely worth investigating the theme.

Houses in the city are at their best under the light of the moon, since it lets the lights shine to illuminate the world around them. This allows the city to transform its tone around the lighting provided by the in-game sun, enhanced by the use of different neon signs that cast their colors over the landscape. Aspects of the dystopian city, when blended together, create much-needed thematic cohesion to further develop the established theme in Minecraft.

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10 Coolest Minecraft House Ideas To Build In 2024 (10)
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10 Coolest Minecraft House Ideas To Build In 2024 (2024)


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